I've following system: apache 2.0.36 on a w2k server with PHP/4.2.1 as a
I configured the php.ini in this way:
error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE to avoid php displaying warnings and
notices. ( of course I restartet the apache service ). But I got even so
warnings and notices displayed. I use the phpSecurePages of
www.phpSecurePages.com and did all what in the faq's is be advised to solve
this problem but nothing worked. Now I don't know if the phpsecurepages has
a bug or my php.ini.

I tried even to set error_reporting = off - restarted the apache service
again but this dosn't worked, too.

has someone a hint for me? On www.phpSecurePages.com I've no contact
possibilities except of the faq's...

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