On Friday 21 June 2002 21:42, Charlie Grosvenor wrote:
> Hi
>     I have a mysql table that has a field in it called 'DATETIMEADDED'
> which has data type 'datetime' I want to display the contents of the field
> on my page. I have tried usng the following code but the value in the
> 'DATETIMEADDED' only the value in the 'NAME' field which is a varchar is
> displayed on the page. How can i get it to display the value in
>                         <ul>
> <?

The above should NOT have a semi-colon at the end. Assuming that this is the 
problem I don't see how you can display the value of the NAME field as your 
query is invalid and should not return any results.

If that's not the problem then ...

>         $resultboarditems = mysql_query ($query) or die("Invalid Result
> Set");
>         while ($row = mysql_fetch_array ($resultboarditems)) {
> ?>
>                         <li><? echo $row["DATETIMEADDED"]; ?><? echo
> $row["NAME"]; ?></li>



to see what it contains.

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