Hi Bob,

I have written some functions which make select lists much easier. I 
have two functions:
        - BuildQuickSelect() - you pass a couple of parameters (tablename, etc)
        - BuildSelectMenu() - you pass $sql and some more parameters

Unfortunately, they require a few things (such as other functions I have 
written). Fortunately, I have them all in one lib.php file, and you are 
welcome to use it. I think you will find it very handy and time-saving. 
I COULDN'T do without them. Look through the whole file, and you might 
see some other handy ones in there too.

There are four variables at the top of the lib.php file, which you must 
set according to your server setup (server, username, password, etc).

To use the stuff, simply include() it at the top of each page.

And to solve your problem (using the lib.php file), all you have to do 
is this:


And voila... all is done...

Need any help... ask

Oh yeah, btw everyone else, I have emailed the lib.php file to Bob - if 
you want a copy, email me.


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