I am not sure of the decrypting procedure for password(), but if your 
admin needs to view the passwords for the purpose of changing or 
notifying forgotten passwords to the custormer you could use this approach:

        Generate a random password (numbers and letters) that is emailed to the 
user.  The user then logs on with their USERNAME and the new password. 
Of course, the user then should be influenced to change the generated 
password to something of their choice.

        This works well in that you can increase your security by letting the 
user know that 'nobody' will know their password, thus limiting access 
to the users account/session to them alone.

        If this isn't the case that you are dealing with, then I am just babbling 
away... hope it helps ;)

CÚsar aracena wrote:

> Hi all,
> I need the administrators of one site to actually see the user's
> passwords. I like using password() for encrypting but doesn't know if it
> can be retrieved in common English.
> Thanks,
> Cesar Aracena <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> Neuquen, Argentina
> +54.299.6356688
> +54.299.4466621

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