I found a bug in php4.2.1 (Windows XP, IIS with php as CGI).

- I have a db-class wich stores the resource-id of a db-connection.
- I have a function (itk_new_db) where I return an object of the class 
above and I remember this object in a static-var.
- the second call on that function (itk_new_db) returns the same object, 
but the resource-id is lost????!?!?!?

This nice feature also exists with com-objects. This seems to be a cool 
bug in the resource-manager of php.

Any hints? If not I make a bugreport.

class db_class {
        var $dbc = null;

        function connect() {
                $this->dbc = mssql_connect('wincubix', 'oebb', 'oebb');
        $this->dbc = mysql_connect('localhost:3308', 'root', '')

function &itk_new_db(){
        static $db;

        if (!isset($db)) $db = new db_class;

        return $db;

$db1 = itk_new_db();
$db2 = itk_new_db();

if ($db1 === $db2) echo 'ident<br>';

echo 'S1'.$db1->dbc.'<br>' ;
echo 'S2'.$db2->dbc.'<br>'  ;

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