usually, stick with one of the following..

all lowercase, all uppercase, Or Always InterCase

or, my personal preference... lblInterCase

Have seen some that will make DB names caps, tbl names lower, and
column names lblInterCase... pick what you want, and go with it, if
you are working with others, try to match their methodology...

There really isn't a right way, I use lblIntercase for columns
dbname_TableName for tables, and dbname for the db, this is in case
I ever have to work with foreign dbs or join a project, you can tell
where something came from, and what it holds.

Keeping a UML diagram helps too...

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"Gerard Samuel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hope someone can confirm this.
> I was moving a mysql dump to postgresql, and I had 2 tables with MiXeD
> upper/lower case letters, that
> got converted to lowercase.  I found a discussion that sql
> column/table/database names should be lowercase.
> Just trying to keep in line with a standard.
> Thanks
> --
> Gerard Samuel

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