Any idea why this problem does not manifest itself in Foxpro, Excel or Visual Basic? 
 Pierre-Alain Joye 
wrote:On Tue, 25 Jun 2002 18:14:13 -0700

> IEEE standard is precision to 6 decimal places.
> Having an epsilon of < 2 is ridiculously small, and
> well under the IEEE / ANSI standard. While floats
> should never be directly compared as a matter of
> course, in this instance it's a bit silly.
Never test equality with two floats,this is a rule in ANSI C too, not directly the 
standard, but a well known fact. And this fact is one in many langages. Try a test 
with mysql :).

I will not continue discussions about bugs or not, that has been already discussed 
many times :) check the archives.




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