Hi All,
I've stumped myself here.  In a nutshell, I have a function that returns my
array based on a SQL query and here's the code:

-------------begin code-------------------
function getCourses($UID)
 global $link;
 $result = mysql_query( "SELECT C.CourseName FROM tblcourses C, tblusers U,
tblEnrollment E WHERE C.ID = E.CourseID AND E.UserID = U.ID AND U.ID =
$UID", $link );
 if ( ! $result )
  die ( "getRow fatal error: ".mysql_error() );
 return mysql_fetch_array( $result );
------------end code ----------------

I call this from a PHP page with the following code:

------------begin code--------------
$myCourses = getCourses($session[id]);
foreach ($myCourses as $value)
 print "<br>$value";
------------end code---------------

Now, when I test the SQL from my function directly on the database, it
returns just want I want it to return but it isn't working that way on my
PHP page. For results where there is a single entry, I am getting the same
entry TWICE and for records with more than a single entry I am getting ONLY
the FIRST entry TWICE.

Now I know my SQL code is correct (I am testing it against a MySQL database
using MySQL-Front) so I suspect I'm doing something stupid in my foreach

I'm hoping someone will spot my dumb mistake.  Thanks very much for any help
at all on this.


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