Good Afternoon Everyone,

I have PHP 4.2.1 installed and have my phpinfo(); available for you at:

And have Apache 1.3.20 installed and its httpd.conf is available at:

I was playing around with an online tutorial for using php with mysql at:

I am working my way through the tutorial just fine, but I run into trouble
when it comes to POSTing from web forms.  PHP interacts with MySQL just
fine, but Apache has a problem with me posting form data.

What I get back is a 405 Method Not Allowed.

"The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /index.html"

I find this interesting because index.html has nothing to do with my
experimental page.  You can recreate the error here:

If you wish to see the source (with mysql password modified, of course),
refer to:

What I need to know is what must I change to allow a web user to enter
arbitrary data and allow Apache to return the data to php/mysql.

Thanks In Advance,

Tim Legg

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