Retrieving lost passwords is a lot less hassle than a setting up a new one,
for the user. IMHO a job site would be better with more convenience and less

So I would go for option 1 - encrypt / decrypt

If you were storing very sensitive information then go for option 2.


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> Subject: [PHP-DB] Storing passwords in a database
> I know there's been discussion on the list before on this topic,
> but I'm a
> little fuzzy on the details.
> I want to create a site where users can create an account online,
> and then
> log in to search job postings.  I want to store their user info and
> password in a database. I need a way for them to retrieve their passwords
> if forgotten. I know there are two basic approaches:
> 1) Storing the passwords using some form of encryption, which can be
> reversed and the password can be emailed to the user.
> This seems to me to be preferable, since they don't have to change their
> password whenever they forget it. However, are there security issues with
> this? I know many people recommend the second method:
> 2) Generating a new random password which the user can then use to log in
> and change to whatever they want.
> What are the advantages of this, since someone would need access to the
> person's email address with either method 1 or 2 in order to steal the
> password?
> What functions should I be looking at for encryption, for either method?
> What are advantages and disadvantages of each method?
> The site will not take credit card information, all accounts are free. So
> the security issues are much less, but of course you do not want a site
> where people's accounts are stolen even if there is not money involved.
> I hope this is clear,
> -Lisi
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