At 22:37 -0400 7/1/02, Matt Nigh wrote:
>hi, i'm trying to delete multiple records at once from a mysql db and can't
>seem to figure out how to do so.
>here's the code i've been trying to troubleshoot with:
>$result_insert = mysql_query("delete from $mysql_table where id = '8' AND
>where id = '18'");

I assume that this never deletes any records, since no record can
have an id column whose value is 8 and 18 at the same time? :--)

Don't you mean "OR"?

>i've tried various things such as taking away the single quotes, replacing
>AND with a comma, etc.
>after i figure out how to delete multiple records, i need to figure out how
>to go about carrying data from checkboxes and finding a query to delete the
>records that were checked on the previous page:
><input type=checkbox name=id value=1>
><input type=checkbox name=id value=2>
><input type=checkbox name=id value=3>
>any help would be appreciated.
>thanks very much,
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