I have an oracle object type as follows,

create or replace type my_objtype as object (col1 number, col2 number)

create or replace type my_arrtype as table of my_objtype

I couldn't get this bound in php.

If I have an simple oracle object type (see the below one), I could bind it
and pass the object to oracle procedure.

create or replace type my_arrtype as table of number;

How do I bind if my object is a NESTED TABLE OF OBJECTS (my_arrtype).?

code snippet:
$arr = OCINewCollection($conn,'MY_ARRTYPE');
//populate the $arr. Note: I tried various ways here.

$stmt = OCIParse($conn,"begin my_p(:my_arrBindVar); end;" ) ;


 $ok = OCIBindByName($stmt,':my_arrBindVar',&$arr,32,OCI_B_SQLT_NTY);
//$ok = OCIBindByName($stmt,':my_arrBindVar',$arr,32,OCI_B_SQLT_NTY);

I get the following error:
"Call to a member function on a non-object in ..."


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