On Wednesday 03 July 2002 12:42, eat pasta type fasta wrote:
> I have a simple form which queries the database based on 2 pop-up menu
> choices and keywords entered by the user,
> it passes on the variables as follows:
> pop-up1=choice1, pop-up2=choice2, textfield=user specified data
> the query is as follows
> $result = mysql_query("SELECT some_id, some_description, some_feature
> FROM '$pop-up1' WHERE some_description LIKE '%$texfield%' AND
> some_feature LIKE '%$pop-up2'");
> it tells me that column which equals to the $texfield does not exists,
> a bit buffled I am, I've these queries before on larger web servers, this
> is the first time on my workstation and it does just that, simpler
> queries work fine...

Print out $result

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