Hello.  I was curious if any one is using PHP4.2x with SQLserver 7(or 2000)
and having luck with the datetime type.  No matter the datetime in the
database PHP 4.1.2 is always returning Feb 06 2036 6:37AM .  The insert is
correct, its only the select that this happens on.

There was a bug report, though not exactly what is happening to me with
4.1.1, and not the same OS, and i don't want to duplicate this report, but
would rather upgrade to 4.2 if the problem is fixed in this version, but
i'm not convinced that it is as the bug report is not closed.

Thanks for any input any of you may have,

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I'm posting info into a SQL Server from a form, all has been working fine
inserting, updating and selecting information for months.  I have recently
added a date field to the table with the type of datetime.  It updates the
table in SQL Server fine, but it keeps pulling it back as this date [Feb 07
2036 06:30AM].  for an example i put in a date of 01/01/2001(which is what
is in the Database)????  it doesn't matter the date that i'm inputting, it
always brings back the same date.

set up  - solaris 8/Apache/SQLServer 7/PHP4.12

any ideas?

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