... At least, I found it challenging.  Hopefully someone here will find this a lot 
easier =) 

    I am developing a website wherein customers can log in, enter in the name and type 
of their business (rather like the yellow pages.)  I have a database of all the 
customers, and each table in the database is another type of business.  (For example, 
in the table 'Gyms' all of the places where you can workout will be listed.)   
Currently the database has no tables in it.  When a new type of business registers, 
then the table is created.  In order to prevent many variations of  the same table 
from being created (I.E. Restaurants, Cafe's, Luncheonettes etc) I have customers 
choose what type of business they are from a pull down menu.  
     Here is the challenge: I would like my users who come to browse to see a similar 
pull down menu, but I want this menu only to list those types of businesses that have 
registered.  Essentially I would like the pull down menu customers see to be a dynamic 
list of names of existing tables, updating for each new table that is created. 
     As for how to do this I'm stuck.  It seems that it must be php that modifies an 
html form.  Any suggestions?? Deeply appreciated.  Thanks.

-- Jonathan     

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