Yes I do it all the time. In this example, I do this with a window that 
has buttons across the top of a image representing size from 1 to 10. 
Depending on the button they select they get a image displayed from 
small to large.

Here is a snip of code that displays the sized images.
The button name is $s. They select from 1 to 10, but can be any increment.
$hi = $s * 100; // size in 100 pixels. (but can be any increment)
echo "
<image src='ft_image.php?imno=$image_num' BORDER=0 ALIGN='TOP' 

Note: in the 'image src' you give it a program name, not the image, and 
pass some way for it to read the image from the DB. In this case the 
program is ft_image.php and it passes imno.

To didplay the photo in ft_image.php, execute the following:

         header("Content-type:  image/jpeg");
         print(mysql_result($result, 0, "photo_image"));

photo_image is name of blob field from the DB
HTH.. Good luck.. Dan.

Andy wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am wondering how to resize an image which is stored in a mysql blob field.
> With files this workes just fine, but how to do this with the image comming
> from blob? Has anybody done this already?
> Thank you for any help on that,
> andy

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