On Saturday 06 July 2002 08:18, Matthew Nock wrote:
> I want to create a form that will input a number of records, into a number
> of different tables.
> The first part of the detail will need to create a new "product" record.
> this will create Product ID.  the Product ID is required to insert the
> "features" for this product ID into another table.
> Is there any way that run determine the ProdID of the record I am
> inserting, so that I can run the insert for the features?

If ProdID is an autoincrement field (and if it isn't you really should make it 
so), then use mysql_insert_id().

> or am I going to need to Insert the Product record (to get the Product ID),
> and then query the product database, to get the new ID, then use the newly
> gained ID, to add all the features to the feature table?

That's what you'll have to do if ProdID is not an autoincrement field.

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