One big question.. Do you have a compelling reason, or company policy to 
use PDF? Why not just display your data in a html table grid. Sounds 
like what you are trying to do will work find here. It's faster, simple, 
  and avoids another level of overhead (complexity).
Just wondering ... and hope this helps in some way.

Have a great day... Dan

Natividad Castro wrote:

> Hi to all,
> How can I display info in a PDF?
> All I need is to be able to read from a table and display fields into a PDF.
> Before, I had my DB in Microsoft Access, so I bounded all the fields in a
> report and then I converted it into PDF document.
> But now that we switch to MySQL, I don't know how to generate those PDFs.
> I've been reading about FDF, but I still I little bit confused.
> If someone has any idea, please let me know
> Thanks in advanced
> Nato

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