At 1:40 PM +0200 8/7/02, B. PERRINE wrote:
>We are using these ORACLE PARAMETERS, but we don't use plogon; too
>Instead, we use one logon per request.
>Is any one really use plogon successfully with Oracle Database 8i and
>more ?

I am using plogon with no problems, apache is compiled with enable-sigchild on

It is only one DB that is causing me any drama !


>Le lun 08/07/2002 à 05:45, Steve Farmer a écrit :
>>  HI all,
>>  I was wondering if anyone had experimented with the Oracle Profile
>>  parameters such as IDLE_TIME, CONNECT_TIME or SESSIONS_PER_USER in
>>  order to control the number of connections apache/php makes to the
>>  Oracle DB when using plogon?
>>  I was thinking of experimenting with this and wondered if anyone had
>>  any pointers?
>>  Regards
>  > Steve Farmer
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