I *think* this is kind of database-related... forgive me if it's not.

I am hopefully going to be managing the authentication on an Apache
webserver using the Apache DBM module which is like a database-based version
of .htaccess. I want to manage this with PHP, but don't know how to handle
the DBM files.

So here's my questions;

1. Can this be done using the integrated dbm*() functions in PHP? or the
dba_*() ones?
2. Has anyone out there done or seen this done?
3. Anyone know of any examples/existing classes for dealing specifically
with Apache?
4. Am I crazy?

Unfortunately I don't know of any better way of doing this at the moment. If
it will work, I think Apache's DBM is a much better solution than standard
.htaccess files, since I am dealing with a couple hundred users at least.

Thanks in advance for your help guys (and gals, not that I use "guys" in a
sexist manner :P).


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