Thanks, Adam. All clear now.


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> I understand that this applies to data put into a form to be submitted to
> database (or another page, I guess), but does it also apply to
> variable/value pairs passed along the URL from a hyperlink (<a
> href="foo/bar.php?thisVar=thisVal>Click here.</a>)? I couldn't quite get
> from the explanation above. Would I need to reference the passed variable
> with $_GET["thisVal"] on the receiving page (bar.php)? I'm sure I would
> to if $thisVar was passed from a form with the GET method, but wasn't sure
> about the hyperlink stuff.
> Anybody working with register globals off already that can clear this up?

Yes. URL passed variables are access via the GET method. So page.php?foo=bar
is accessed by $_GET['foo']

Adam Alkins

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