hey gabor

you have to define a DNS on your system. i assume that you know what DNS is
and how to create on windows. if not, say it!
afterwards check, if the odbc has been activated in your php.ini on

the rest is easy:
the code looks like that:

 if( !$con=odbc_connect($dns,$user,$pwd) ) exit;            // establish
connection, if faild exit
 $qry = "SELECT * FROM $table";                                // generate
the query
 $res=odbc_exec($con,$qry);                                         //
execute query and get result
$fieldscnt = odbc_num_fields($res);                                // count
 while( $n = odbc_fetch_into($res,&$arr) )                     // loop as
long as it has records and fetch data into array
   for( $i=0; $i<$fieldscnt; $i++)                                     //
loop all fields
    echo $arr[$i]";
// display value in array on current field-element $i
 if($res) odbc_free_result($res);                                    // free
memory of result if there's a result
 if($con) odbc_close($con);                                         // free
connection if there's an established connection

as you can see, only a few lines...
cheers, j.a.z.

"Gabor Niederlaender" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schrieb im
> Hi all!
> I realized, that it is impossible to retrieve "ntext" from an MSSQL DB
> with php normally. (Is this correct?)
> But I think it should be possible to make it through ODBC.
> Can someone explain me how this goes? (I think I have set up one ODBC
> Data Source, but I am not sure) But I cannot even imagine how I use
> this stuff for establishing a connection...
> Does it really only go this way?
> Best regards,
> Gabor

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