in a76999.pdf
ORA-00909 invalid number of arguments
Cause: An Oracle function was referenced with an incorrect number of
arguments. All Oracle functions, except for SYSDATE, require at least one
Action: Correct the syntax of the function by entering the required number of

So it seems like if your are using an Oracle function within our statement.
Is that true ?

At 11/07/2002 06:56, Gordon Yeung wrote:
>I'm just upgrading Linux Server to RH7.3 and installed
>Oracle9i(9.2.0) Client+PHP4.2.1+Apache1.3.26
>Everything goes smoothly. However, when I access the
>Oracle server by means of PHP, it gives the following error:
>Warning: OCIStmtExecute: ORA-00909: invalid number of arguments
>The line that cause the error is:
>$result = ociexecute($cursor);
>The same PHP is running well in my old server
>Can anyone here give me advice ?
>Gordon Yeung

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