I have problems with mssql_get_last_message(). This function doesen't 
return the whole error message, it only returns "Die Anweisung wurde 
beendet" and not the specific error message. Now I use something like 
this to workaround the problem:

... snip ...
$this->errno = mssql_result(@$this->priv_query('SELECT @@ERROR as 
errorcode', $this->dbc), 0 , 'errorcode');
$this->error = mssql_result($this->priv_query("SELECT description FROM 
master.dbo.sysmessages WHERE error=$this->errno and msglangid = 1031", 
$this->dbc), 0, 'description');
$this->error = str_replace ('%', '%%', $this->error);

but the problem is, that I get the error message with placeholders (not 
Die %1!-Anweisung verstieß gegen die %2! %3!-Einschränkung '%4!'. Der 
Konflikt trat in der %6!-Datenbank, Tabelle '%8!'%10!%11!%13! auf.)

are there any hints to get mssql_get_last_message() to work?

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