On Saturday 13 July 2002 14:49, Chip Wiegand wrote:
> I just set up a pc with mysql-3.23.51/php-4.2.1/apache-1.3.26. I have
> created a database and tables and a web interface to insert data into
> it. I can insert data from the command line just fine. From the web
> interface there is nothing inserted and no error messages. I have tried
> connection string with root and with user names, both of which can
> insert data from a remote client as well as on the sql server itself.
> When I enter data and press submit the page redraws, and I don't get the
> message the data was entered, and checking the database, I see nothing
> indeed was entered. I've used post and get, makes no differance. In the
> database I have set the fields as int, small int, varchar (shows char in
> describe table_name), makes no differance.
> I have made other web interfaces to mysql databases before, on slightly
> older versions of mysql/php/apache and have never had this problem.
> If anyone has a few minute to review my code below, hopefully someone
> will find whatever it is I am missing. I have pasted in the html for the
> web page, and below that a .csv copy/pasted of the database.

register_globals ?

> $sql = "INSERT INTO legs
> (squats,squats_reps,legpress,legpress_reps,legext,legext_reps,legcurls,
> legcurls_reps,calfraise,calfraise_reps,hipabducter,hipabducter_reps,
> hipadducter,hipadducter_reps,comments) VALUES('$squats','$squats_reps',
> '$legpress','$legpress_reps','$legext','$legext_reps','$legcurls',
> '$legcurls_reps','$calfraise','$calfraise_reps','$hipabducter',
> '$hipabducter_reps','$hipadducter','$hipadducter_reps','$comments')";

echo $sql;  # ???

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