Hi there
I am having a problem querrying to my database.
I wish to check to see if a username is listed in the database so that I can
authenticate that individual. However, when I try to echo my $_result i'm
always getting 0 can someone please help. I think it should be either 1 or

These are my scripts.

This is my login pagepage
    echo "<FORM name=_Form1 method=post action=test.php>";
   echo "<TABLE border=1 width=300 height=300>";
  echo "<tr>";
   echo "<td valign=top>";
    echo "<INPUT type=text value='' name=_Name1><br>";
    echo "<INPUT type=text value='' name=_Name2><br>";
    echo "<INPUT type=submit value='Submit' name=_submitButton>";
    echo "<INPUT type=Reset value='Reset' name=_ResetButton><br>";
   echo "</td valign=top>";
     echo "</tr>";
   echo "</TABLE>";
 echo "</FORM>"

This is my script processor
    file://Script processor
    mysql_connect("localhost", "nik", "playas") or
     die("Could not connect to the server");

 mysql_select_db("chronicleOnline") or
  die("Could not connect to the database");

 $_query = " select userName from users where userName='_Name1' ";

 $_result = mysql_query($_query) or

 if ( $_result = 0 )
    echo "$_result";
   echo "$_result";

P.S. I have no problem putting the data into the database, just this query.


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