Adam Alkins wrote at 15/07/02 04:06

>mysql_num_rows just counts the amount of rows in a query, so if you only
>selected 10 rows, it will return 10.
>If you want to count all the rows in the table, its best to use the COUNT()

In my example, I've selected all rows, ie no search criteria. But let's 
assume that I have in fact searched for something that returns half the 
records in the table (5,000 rows).

How do I get both the number of rows found (5,000) and get a subset of 
the records (ie 0-9, 10-19, 20-29...) so that a user can browse through 
the records rather than getting 5,000 at a time (but still know that a 
total of 5,000 were found).

I hope this makes sense.

-- Clive

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