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> > I have a database, all the data is numbers. I want to make a query that
> > will extract the data and then make it available in an array, so the
> > array is populated 'real-time'. I could just enter the number into an
> > array manually, but I want to automate the job. I don't know what to
> > start looking for, the 3 books I have either don't talk about this or I
> > just am missing it.
> > Could someone point me in the right direction?

> Well after you SELECT the data and run the query, you can use a few
> functions, it depends on your database type?

> For example, for MySQL, you can use mysql_fetch_array() which will take
> data and store it in an array, both numeric and associative.

> i.e. $data = mysql_fetch_array($result) can be accessed like

> $data['column_name']
> $data[column_number]

> You can also fetch an array only as an associative (mysql_fetch_assoc) or
> numeric (mysql_fetch_row). And simply if selecting multiple rows, use a

> while($data = mysql_fetch_array())...

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I guess I wasn't very clear on exactly what results I expect. I can get the
data and print all the numbers, that's no problem. What I want is to have
all the numbers inserted into an array that would look like this:
$datax = (50,50,50,60,60,60,70,70,70,65,65,70,75,75,80);
Each number in the array is from a single row in the table (15 rows in this
The database is weights, entered after a work-out, along with their reps.
I only need the weights, as shown above. This array $datax is then
by a php script to create a graph showing the progress of the person's
lifting over time. I can enter all the numbers into the array manually and
the graph is drawn correctly, but prefer the web interface I made. This is
okay for me, but not others.
So, I made a web form that takes the data and inserts into the database.
That works fine also. The table contains columns:
squats, squats_reps, legpress, legpress_reps, etc etc.
The first is the weight and the second is the number of reps. So after
each workout the appropriate numbers would be entered via the form page,
the graph would be generated with the updated numbers from another page.

Hope this helps to explain it a bit better,


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