I have a form with a select box of the 12 months + one for none. It (and
more) are sent to a mysql
database. On another web page a list is displayed and can be sorted by
date, but of course
the month names are not alphabetical. I tried to assign each month a
number, 01,02,03, etc in a
if-elseif statement, then send it to the database but that wouldn't work.

if ($month == 'jan') { $month = '01';}
elseif ($month == 'feb') {$month = '02'};

etc, so I can then sort numerically, and it will display in the correct
order on the web page.
I have tried various versions of the above but it will not work.
I know I could use numbers instead of names for the months - but for this
application that
would not be appropriate.

The sort code ---

                    if ($orderby == 'month_num'):
                    $sql = "select * from releases order by 'month'";
                    elseif ($orderby == 'month_num2'):
                    $sql = "select * from releases order by 'month' desc";

The html select ----

<td valign="bottom">Month:<br />
<select name="month">
<option value="000">None
<option value="Jan">Jan
<option value="Feb">Feb

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