i have a pretty wired query to do with php/mysql .
i don't manage to do

mysql_query($qry,$connection); .
(query bellow)

so i found a quick and dirty solution.see bellow .
but it's no realy elegant .

any ideea how can i do multiple queries at once with mysql_query() ?

function copy_question($qid,$test_target) {
global $connection,$username,$password,$database;

$fp = fopen ('/tmp/copy_table_qry', 'w');

$qry="create temporary table q_temp as select * from questions;
create temporary table ans_temp as select * from answers;
set @test_id=$test_target;
set @q_id=$qid;
insert into questions select
from q_temp as t2 where id=@q_id;
select @last:=LAST_INSERT_ID();
insert into answers select '',@last,score,description from ans_temp where


$a=exec("/usr/bin/mysql -u $username -p$password $database

thnx .

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