It would unless you told it not to. Set a flag

Then on the first page you display something where then display it and then
if ($lastContactType != $row['contactType']){
        echo $row['contactType'];
} // if ($lastContactType != $row['contactType'])

When contactType changes again, you'll display it again and reset the flag


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I'll try that one again....

I have a query:
$sql = "SELECT * FROM contacts ORDER BY ContactType";

There are two types of contacts:

* Commissioners
* Staff

As they are ordered by the ContactType then 'Commissioners' are
displayed first followed by 'Staff'.

I'd like to be able to display a heading on the page at the point of the
FIRST instance of 'Commissioners' and at the FIRST instance of 'Staff'.
As I'm using a while loop in my PHP script then at present such a
heading would be displayed atop *each* item would it not?

I think I need to use some kind of COUNT() but am unsure how to deploy
Can anyone help me out?


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