First of all, I'm sorry if the php general list would be a better place 
to do this.  Anyway, I  am making a game website with a friend.  Among 
other things, it will have virtual objects that can be used to do 
things.  My database structure idea is something like:
item_actions(id int,displaycode text,code text)
item_types(id int,actions text,name text)
items(id int,type int,owner int)

The action display code will control how the action text is displayed, 
it's code will be run when it gets used. The actions field in item_types 
will have the ids of what this type of item can do.  The thing is, I 
want to be able to pass  values to the actions so that I won't need to 
add a new action for every small difference.   I have considered using 
funcctions for each action, but I want to store them in the database so 
artists can add items without knowing php.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

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