but i read the entire manual , the new chm edition ...

i may be small experienced but im not laisy,
i dont expect any one else to do my work,

if i made the question was because i was confuse about all the
htmlentities,htmlspecialchars,add/stripslashes conjuction and
nl2br XHTML conversion [ <br />] and so on.

im sorry for just a simple question becoming such a big confusion and time

good work

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De: Jason Wong [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Enviada: sexta-feira, 19 de Julho de 2002 11:16
Assunto: Re: [PHP-DB] [RE:TEXTAREA]

On Friday 19 July 2002 17:42, Josť Moreira wrote:
> good day/afternoon/night,
> about the textarea thingy :
> even knowing that the question i made was non db related,
> to everyone who had the pacience to explain the matter for me i thank you,
> the question is that aparently a small thing like formatting HTML envolves
> a lot of small detais that i was no aware of,
> for that reccurring to more experienced persons like the db people ( rulzz
> :)
> for the ones who replyed to me with "RTFM" and "_head_ out of your _ass_"
> i believe that if everyone whould "play the
> i-know-everything-you-are-inferior-buzz-off"
> mailing lists and everything of the kind would not exist because  mankind
> would still be livng in caves cause we all depend on each other
> end of discussion

I'm not sure what you expect from a mailing-list. I see it as a place for
people to help each other. Not as a place for people to do other people's
work. My reply to you suggesting you read the manual was the most direct and
quickest way for you to find out why you had the problems that you were

Of course I could've copied and pasted the manual entry into my reply but
(a) I would be doing your work for you & (b) I would be cluttering the list
with info that is readily available.

If you _had_ read the manual and did not understand it then you should say
then others can come up with alternate, or easier to understand

If you would rather not read the manual for yourself and would rather _wait_
for someone else to read it for you and copy the contents to the list then I
wish you luck.

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