hi everyone,

I'm writing the code to make my mysql database searchable.  I can search two
columns, but I seem to have problems when I try to search three.

In the SELECT statement, this WHERE statement works:  WHERE column1 OR
column2 LIKE '%$search%' AND...

This WHERE statement doesn't work:  WHERE column1 OR column2 OR column3 LIKE
'%$search%' AND ...

I'm obviously having a syntax problem...Thanks in advance for your help.
And in case any of this is confusing, I'll include the real code below.



$get_data = "select course.CourseNumber, course.CourseTitle,
concat(prof.ProfFName, \" \", prof.ProfLName), instit.InstitName,
disc.DiscName, course.Format from course, disc, instit, prof where
course.CourseTitle or course.CourseDesc or disc.DiscName like '%$search%'
and course.DiscID = disc.DiscID and course.InstitID = instit.InstitID and
course.ProfID = prof.ProfID order by $orderby";

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