On Monday 22 July 2002 20:49, Eric wrote:

> I completely understand what you are saying, thanks for the reply.
> Here is what happen. We, first couldn't connect so someone asked if phpinfo
> showed PSQL in the output and it did not.


> Now, I assume PHPINFO is simply verifying the PGSQL connection by trying to
> connect to it under the Apache account name?

AFAIK phpinfo does nothing of the sort. It only shows the modules and options 
that PHP was compiled with. It does not attempt to connect with the pgsql 
server or mysql server or whatever.

> The problem I have with all this, as a newbie and a long time C/C++ guy, is
> that you have no idea where the problem lies. It would be better if PHPINFO
> would at least show PGSQL is part of the environment but that it simply
> couldn't connect, eh?  Maybe there is a way and I am just not seeing it
> right now?

My guess is that you didn't restart apache.

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