I developed my site on a server where register_globals was off; now I'm
putting the site up on a server where they are on.

I know how to echo the value of a variable that is passed in the
querystring, but I'm having trouble echoing the value of a variable that is
in my select statement--I can get the value when it is in a while loop, but
outside of that I'm having trouble:

$query = "Select blah1, blah2, blah3 from blahtable";
$result = mysql_query ($query)
 or die ("Cannot complete query");

print "$row[1]";   // this is the kind of thing that is not working...I
tried get_defined_vars() but may not have used it correctly

while ($row = mysql_fetch_row ($result))
 print "$row[1], $row[2], etc.");


In the above example, the variables in the while loop get expanded, but the
one outside doesn't....

Can anyone help?

thanks in advance,


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