I am a bonehead. In stripping down my code for posting here, the problem
suddenly went away. I was building a temporary table and all this time I've
been overlooking the fact that my txtSWDesc1 field in the tmp table was set
to 255. My apologies to everyone. And thanks for trying to help me.


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> Subject: [PHP-DB] mysql_fetch_array limit? - more details
> What happens is I'm only getting the first 256 characters of
> txtSWDesc1 displayed in my table. I am assuming the problem is in
> mysql_fetch_array(), that it must have some size limitation that
> truncates whatever data it has read to exactly 256 chars.

I'm a little curious about this assumption, given that I know I've
successfully used mysql_query() and mysql_fetch_array() on pieces of
data much bigger than that.

echo strlen($myrow[txtSWDesc1]);
produce the output you'd expect?

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