I'm writing a web application in PHP to do referee scheduling for soccer
games. For each game (a single row in a table) I have a cell for
referee. The cell stores an integer that I can do a join on with another
table of people. I need a way to prevent people from being able to
schedule themselves for multiple slots at the same time. (All I care
about is start time, for now I'm going to ignore the issue of a game
ending after the next one has started.) I have tried doing just a unique
index on referee, date, and time but the issue is I use a 0 to indicate
that the slot is open. Because of that I don't see a way to do it
natively in mysql as such each time I do an insert I think I am going to
need to do a select right before to make sure there no conflicts. Is
there any better more efficient way to do this? Perhaps natively in
mysql. TIA

Jefferson Cowart

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