On 12/31/1969 09:00 PM, Unknown Sender wrote:
> Of course, but
> PHP is on Linux machine where I don't have sendmail, because my 
> mail server is on different machine, and that's my problem

If you are allowed, you can install sendmail in your machine and 
configure to route all mail through the mail server.

If you can't, all you can do is to use some PHP SMTP client code to send 
your messages.

In this case you may want to try this class that is optimized for 
queuing messages for many recipients as you need.


You are strongly recommended to put all recipients in Bcc: because 
queuing via SMTP is much slower than using a local mailer like sendmail 
and it would take you a long time to queue if you send separate messages 
for each recipient.


Manuel Lemos

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