...slightly in regards to my last email.

I have a database query which requires a variable (
$USER[$id]["cbannerID"] ) to be equal to the ID of the current banner
being viewed.  If you've come to the page for the first time my script
gives that variable a default value of   -1   .

        if(!isset($USER[$id]["cbannerID"])) $USER[$id]["cbannerID"] =

However the variable does not hold that value.  So in my SQL statement
it prints nothing returning a SQL statement error.  I then tried this
just or a test purposes...on a separate php page.

        $USER[5]['test'] = 1;
        echo $USER[5]['test'];

Nothing gets returned either.

Please note that this works on my local Win2k machine, however when I
upload it my FreeBSD machine it does not work.  I'm guessing it has
something to do with my PHP installation.  Currently the machine is
running Apache 1.3.26 and PHP 4.1.2 (going to upgrade soon but also note
my Windows machine is running the same ver. Of PHP).  

Any ideas?

- Matthew

      Matthew Metnetsky

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