I am new at php.  I trying to debug my code.  So, I am trying to print out
my sql statement to a file to make sure the syntax is correct.  I trying to
find a way to print out to a message box or something.  I guess php does not
have that capability or I cannot find the function that will help me do
that.  Anyway, if someone could let me know what is wrong with the code
below or help in any other way, I would greatly appreciated it.

function write_to_file($filename, $stringtowrite, $writetype)
$filesession = fopen($filename,$writetype);

function companiesByBusiness_ZipCode_BusinessOrContactName( $ctgyno,
$zipcode, $businessandcontactname ) {
 $sql = "select company_no, name, contact, business_phone, mobile_phone,
services_desc, brief_bio, pager, address, city, state, zipcode,
picture_file, case ifnull(picture_file, 'No Picture') when 'No Picture' then
'b' else 'a' end pic_ind from company";
 if( $ctgyno != "ALL") {
  $sql .= " where business_ctgy_no = $ctgyno";
  if( $zipcode != "" ) {
   $sql .= " and (zipcode like '".substr( $zipcode, 0, 3 )."%' and zipcode
!= '$zipcode')";
  if( $businessandcontactname != "" ) {
   $sql .= " and name = gil";
   $sql .= " or contact = gil";

  $sql .= " order by pic_ind, name, company_no";

 $query = mysql_query( $sql ) or die( $sql."<p>".mysql_error() );

 //$numrows = mysql_num_rows( $query );
 while( $assoc = mysql_fetch_assoc( $query ) ) {
  $rows[] = $assoc;

 return $rows;

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