Thanks for the heads-up but it doesn't work.  I first tried 'foo.php' 
then I also tried 'info.php' and neither worked.  I copied the 
phpinfo(); function from your email and created your email document 
but it still didn't work.  I then tried to re-save it as a Macintosh 
styled formatting in BBEdit and still nothing.  I then went back to 
save as a Unix file in BBEdit and still again nothing.  I triple 
checked the phpinfo() function and still nothing.

I'm using a standard installation of Mac OSX 10.1.5 on a G3/500 
Pismo.  I placed the file you suggested in My Computer's Main 
HD/Library/Webserver/Documents Directory.  I thought you may have 
meant the 'Library' folder which exists in my User's 'Home' directory 
but there is no Webserver/Documents/ directories in there so I guess 
you meant the main library.

Is there someplace I'm supposed to turn this on?  I have a cobalt 
server that is running an old version of PHP (4.0.6) and this 
phpinfo() function works just fine there.  But on my Mac it's a 
different story.  I don't get a 'file not found' error.  I get 'A 
connection error has occurred' errors.  This happens after a long 
period of time that the 'E' drone in Explorer turns for about 20 
seconds.  I even tried to find the php.ini file to see if there is 
some setting for this and couldn't find it.

Any further ideas?  Your help is GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks again,

Mario A. Salinas

At 9:18 PM -0400 8/10/02, salamander wrote:
>Mac OS X is already running PHP and Apache - drop a file called 
>foo.php with these contents:  <?php phpinfo(); ?> in your 
>/Library/Webserver/Documents directory, and then hit 
>For MySQL - checkout the pre-compiled packages at 
> - Mark has great instructions.
>Best regards,
>On Saturday, August 10, 2002, at 09:15 PM, Mario A. Salinas wrote:
>>Hi Everyone,
>>My name is Mario Salinas.  I'm wondering if anyone on this list has 
>>had any experience installing PHP and MySQL on a Apple Laptop 
>>running Mac OS-X.  If anyone has any advice and is feeling a little 
>>generous with their time, I'd love some help.  I just can't seem to 
>>find anyone that has already done this successfully.  All help is 
>>Mario A. Salinas
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