My Linux box is setup with Sybase ASE 11.9.2-3 (same for the common 
files) and the openclient is 11.1.1-3. The server I'm connecting to is 
running phpinfo shows sybase_ct support. PHP version is 

I'm getting intermittent connection failures on various queries. Maybe 
1 out of 6 times there will be a failure. Here's the error message:

ct_send(): network packet layer: internal net library error: Net-Lib 
protocol driver call to write data failed 

Any idea what this means and what steps I can take to fix it? I'd hate 
to release an application that will have a 1 in 5 chance of failing any 
query. The machine connecting to the Sybase server is behind a 
firewall but I've opened port 2500. Maybe another port needs to be 

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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