On Sat, 2002-08-17 at 17:08, Chip Wiegand wrote:
> I have a web page interface to a mysql database. In this web page I have
> about a dozen form input fields. On submit these are submitted to
> multiple tables, a differant table for each input field. If I leave any
> fields blank, and insert only some of the fields, the database will
> insert an empty row to all the effected tables that didn't have any data
> from the input fields. 
> I have another page that generates graphs from the tables, the empty
> rows show up as breaks in the graphs lines, if I manually delete all the
> empty rows the graphs work fine.
> What do I need to do to prevent these empty rows from being written to
> the tables? 

This may or may not work but what the h***. If you have multiple insets
commands test for ! isnull() on each input field ,i.e. variable.

if (! isnull($input_field)) 
then  "insert_query"

as I said this will only work with an insert query for each field.

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