As Joni said you need to read about the GRANT functions in the MySQL
manual.  But basically here's what's happening.

Each person your hosting has a specific login/pass into the database.
When they login MySQL looks in the 'MySQL' database and checks the users
privileges.  By default Ensim sets up the database so that only the
website associated with a specific DB can access it.  So you'll need to
make changes to the user's account (in MySQL) with a GRANT statement
allowing him to have access to another specific database.  Make sure you
don't GRANT him access to everything, as that is naturally a massive
security hole.

~ Matthew

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i run a web server and sell space to workers. my admin setup apache,
mysql and php with all the settings. each customers gets one sql db with
a host acc. the system runs ensim. but now i want one of my accounts do
be able to access the database of another, but it wont let me. what
setting do i change to allow me do this?

Georgie Casey

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