>>"Bmw" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
>> I am trying to find out how I can secure the directory tree of my PHP
>> scripts from the HTTP server without preventing access to my PHP scripts
>> once in session. Right now, if I type the URL of a subdirectory of my
>> I get the index of all the files and directories.
>> Ex:
>> http://domaine/index.html  has DB access user login and password for my
>> session authentication to enter into my scripts and run the program.
>> If I type http://domaine/subfolder/ I can see all the PHP code I want
>> without logging into my site. How can I protect the server from doing
>> without busting access to my scripts through the login from the root
>> index.html?
>> Apache/1.3.26 (Unix)/Linux mod_fastcgi/2.2.12 mod_perl/1.26
>> PHP 4.2.2
>> Robert
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>>Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] securing directory tree and allowing PHP to work

>> You could restrict autoindexing through apache's httpd.conf.
>>  Look it up in apache's manual.
>>                 Milan

This is not my personal web server. It is a remote ISP which provides PHP
and MySQL support. I cannot control the HTTP or PHP server build
configurations...They have autoindexing built into the Apache server.

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