Cheers for helping me out guys.
It proved to fiddly and kludge-like to do what I wanted in SQL (I'll
wait until MySQL 4 stable version is about)
So I did some stuff with PHP arrays which worked fine.
Thanks a lot anyway.

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Is TourCatID a table? you can't do that, this is a subquery
Build first a string $string with all the values of TourCatID in it such
as ('a', 'b', ...)
And replace your query by IN $string
Also quotes needed around $_GET[CatID] 

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Hiya folks:

I wish to be able to select items from MySQL if a variable passed via
the $_GET method to my PHP4 page is introduced thus:

$sql = "SELECT TourName,TourID,$_GET[CatID] IN (TourCatID) FROM tour";

When I echo $sql to the page, the query looks fine but doesn't work, in
as far as the wrong results are returned. MySQL doesn't throw up an
error either.
I'm using MySQL 3.23.49-nt-log. Can anyone enlighten me please ?? 

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