That's what I'm doing. Since we require IE 5.0 + on our workstations I can get away 
with Integrated Authentication only. If you want to support Netscape you'll have to 
allow Basic Authentication (which is not very secure but fine on an intranet). With 
that enabled the Win2k workstation will pass its credentials to the intranet 
application automatically. I have several functions written that based on the 
$AUTH_USER variable retrieves all kind of AD information on the user. I cache that to 
keep things running quickly. I have a include file for each module in which 
is configured the group membership (if any) required for access. I superimpose that on 
a simple native security scheme based on $AUTH_USER and an access level integer, and 
voila! The native security really only manages the special case users like 
administrators and such keeping the maintenance to a minimum. The users are quite 
happy, no user and password screens but it's still secure. Even when accessed through 
the internet (vs. intranet) it works normally except users do have to enter their 
credentials first. My only challenge now is keeping our Mac users working right. IE on 
the Mac didn't work for this until the versions for OSX and versions of IE for Mac are 
very inconsistent & bug ridden. 

<>< Ryan

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Our company also uses active directory and domain system on
Win2000 network.

Can i use windows authentication with PHP? I think the
answer is yes. So how can i do it? Is there a documentation
you can send or can you send an url?

Ozgur AKAN

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