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> This is from a php/mysql book. 

If they're presenting it as something that you can use in your real-life code 
then you should look carefully at all the other code in the book to see 
whether they're all as sloppy. On the other hand if they're only presenting 
it as an example on using regex then it's fine for learning with.

> I added the parenthesis simply to group the
> sections, and added the {2,3} because a web site tutorial shows that will
> limit the preceding section to that many characters (2 or 3 only in this
> case).
> The script works fine without the {2,3}, and I may have to use it that way,
> since another response mentioned foreign addresses, I hadn't taken into
> account.
> I'd just like to know why it doesn't work, becuase the it's supposed to.

It's only checking for addresses of the form [EMAIL PROTECTED]

As you can see, the list address ([EMAIL PROTECTED]), and my address 
([EMAIL PROTECTED]) would be treated as invalid. Not very clever is it?

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