i am working with php on a postgres server .so i have some doubt's.
my project is a student information management system on an apache web server 
using php and postgres as backend
my doubts are
1.i wanna insert a timestamp type into db and php doesn't have such a type so 
i use int for timestamp.is there ne better wayz 2 do this

2.i wanna store some photographs in a db.so is it better 2 
a)store the whole photograph as a large object in a db or
b)to store just the file names in db and have the photographs in a dir on the 
i think b is better in terms of efficiency but i still have a doubt.
which is better?

3.are ther ne session management scripts avilable ?if so plz give me the 
pointers.i use phplib and it causes a lot of headache.
plz provide some pointers

thanks in advance


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